removing teak decking from an aluminum hull yacht

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Marine Solvents for Removing 5200 | Boating Magazine,29 Feb 2016 . Popular theory in boat repair is that the 3M adhesive called 5200 can create a bond stronger than the materials it . when it's time to mount cleats, through-hull fittings and synthetic teak products, and even join the hull to deck.

Typical Grand Banks Repairs | Oxford Yacht Agency,All painted aluminum will eventually corrode. Masts and . Grand Banks Deck Repairs and Removal. IMG_4981-1200 Teak decks are nice when they look good and function like they are intended but like all other parts of your boat they require.

How to Select Sealants and Caulk | West Marine,Anti Bond 2015 debonds and aids in the removal of most polyurethane sealants. . It is good for hull/deck joints and bonding thru-hull fittings but incompatible with ABS and Lexan, and does not adhere well to many other types of plastic. . Two-part polysulfides, such as Life-Calk Deck Seam Sealant, have long been popular as caulking material for teak decks or for . Even if you are able to use the boat, you could easily damage the bond depending what part of the boat is affected.

All Decked Out - PassageMaker,20 Jul 2012 . THE TEAK DECKS ON OUR 1980 GRAND BANKS 42 were starting to look a bit shabby, as well as . Virginia, had just finished removing the teak decking and installing fiberglass nonskid on a 46-foot sailboat, and the.

Reflections on the Faux Teak Deck - Practical Sailor,7 Oct 2014 . Our last comparison of synthetic teak decks included samples from TekDek, and the cork-based Marinedeck . alternative instead of the more common substitutes—fiberglass, stainless steel, aluminum, or Starboard? . And when replacing an old teak deck, the cost of new teak deck can exceed the boat's market value. . Some people like their hull blue, some white, some other colors.

Boat building - Wikipedia,(August 2011) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). The schooner Appledore II under construction. Boat building, one of the oldest branches of engineering, is concerned with constructing the hulls of boats and, for sailboats, the masts, spars and rigging. Contents. [hide]. 1 Parts; 2 Construction materials and methods. 2.1 Wood; 2.2 Steel (and before that iron); 2.3 Aluminium; 2.4 Fiberglass (Glass-reinforced plastic or GRP) .. Deck - The top surface of the hull keeps water and weather out of the hull and allows the crew to operate the boat.

Why aluminum is the best building material for sailboats,1 Jul 2012 . When you combine a knowledgeable designer and a skilled welder, you can end up with aluminum hulls that will ... I'm afraid there is only one right way to do this: remove the old teak deck, plug the holes and then coat deck.

Teak Deck Care & Repair -- Bill Adams, Free State Yachts,With light to moderate carpentry skills owners can do teak deck repairs, a full deck replacement is another story. . In order to remove this water to prevent possible intrusion below, the deck seams must be opened up by removing the caulking from .. CAUTION: This solution will strip any wax off of fiberglass surfaces, can streak the HR blue coaming stripe and hull . then always hose off your deck, fittings, glass, aluminum, winches, spars, sails, etc. with fresh water in lieu of sea water.

Mahina Expeditions - Selecting A Boat for Offshore Cruising,In some cases blistering may be serious enough to require removal and replacement of part of the hull laminate, which can be very expensive. . Aluminum suffers from electrolysis more severely than steel; if you're cruising on an aluminum boat you'll need to be very . Teak decks look great at the boat show, but on older boats improperly laid decks will present additional leak potential and maintenance.

Rot Repair in Glass Boats - Wood preservation, rot repair, and .,Many of the older, smaller boats have a metal or plastic channel piece across the top. . But take a look at the I/O boat transom below, with the through-hull units in place and with them removed. .. The easiest method of repairing transom rot is through drilled holes (much like deck repair), but the results are far less .. The wood trim on glass boats is now usually teak, which is good because it won't rot.

Repair and Restoration Gallery | Johanson Boatworks | Midcoast .,Our Yacht Services include repair and restorations as well as insurance projects: . 39 came to us last Fall for repairs to deck & hull damage do to moisture and wet spots; new Awlgrip deck, topsides, mast and booms. . Vayu, a Pearson 35, is currently in our shop for new teak toe rails and coamings. . New plastic tanks will replace old aluminum ones. . and damaged balsa were removed, the inner laminate was repaired as necessary and new balsa was vacuum bagged into the hull.

Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding - Volare - Ron Holland 73' - Thomaston .,Volare – 73' Aluminum Ron Holland Design 1998 - Built by Sensation Yachts – New Zealand VOLARE is a very beautiful twin cockpit, raised saloon . expanded the project to include the replacing the teak decks, repainting the deck and cabin house Matterhorn white and installing new refrigeration. . A 2x7 section of aluminum hull was found to be completely pocked-out so, our metal shop replaced it.

The truth about teak decks - Practical Boat Owner,1 Mar 2016 . The alternative is to put the boat in a shed somewhere. Anything is possible but it always costs. Replacing a teak deck is a massive job. To replace the decks on a 9m (30ft) boat is six weeks' work – three months for a 15m.

Teak Care - BoatUS,In clean air untreated teak weathers to an attractive ash gray, but where most boats live, the assault of modern-day air pollutants . Deck Hardware · Electrical · Electronics · Engine Shop · Fishing · Galley · Hull Maintenance & Repair · Inflatables . (Never, ever, ever use steel wool aboard your boat--it will leave a trail of rust freckles that will be impossible to remove.) Oxalic acid will dull paint and fiberglass and damage anodized aluminum, so wet down surrounding surfaces before you.

The Swissvax Marine-Care,Steel and aluminum are both popular boat building material, which are capable of carrying heavy loads and have high strength. Because of its high strength and flexibility, steel is mainly used for the hull construction and the construction of larger yachts and strips, while aluminum is often . Cleaning Teak. Teak has always been a very popular material in boat building for deck planking and interior and.

Five Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Used Boat .,Most powerboat fuel tanks are made of steel or aluminum. . Exposure to water sometimes happens from leaks in the deck fills above the tanks, or from water sprayed off of the shafts . typical 42' powerboat will cost tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps as much as $50,000 if the engines have to be removed. . These problems can be easily identified, and the cost to floor the integrity of the teak decking can be quantified . Hulls generally come from the builder with a gel coat finish.

Techniques for Removing Teak Decks - SailNet Community,I used to think that teak decks were the greatest. When conjuring up my dream boat, there was always a beautiful expanse of newly finished, honey-colored teak decks with perfectly sealed seams. In my imagination, it just.

Deck Leaks - Boat and Yacht Maintenance and Troubleshooting,9 Jul 1998 . Let's begin with the fact that nearly all boat decks are cored with materials like balsa, plywood and foam. . Whether there are existing holes in the deck, or you plan to remove a piece of hardware, the first thing you . stop the leaks, and that is to rebolt the stanchion bases, and to add aluminum doubler plates to the underside if it . Next, cut a teak framework to fit the perimeter of the hatch, making the frames about 1/16" less than the . Kick the hull side with your foot.