how many feet of baseboards in an average house

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How big is a house? Average house size by country shrinkthatfootprint ,How big is your house? Is it big enough? Is there an optimum amount of floor space per person? This post takes a look at average house sizes around the world and asks how much space is enough. Last month the New York Times published a piece about Graham Hills .

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Baseboards? Angie's List,Dear Angie: What does it cost to replace baseboards? Mine are made of dark wood that was painted white, but is now chipping. . Using MDF can save you quite a bit of money if you re-trim an entire house, but MDF is more susceptible to moisture damage so .

How Many Bricks Are in the Average House? Reference ,The number of bricks in the average house is dependent upon the size and thickness of the bricks, . The average new home in the United States is just under 2,400 square feet. The dimensions of standard brick in the United States are 8 inches by 2.25 inches .

What would be the price for labor to replace wooden baseboards (fine carpentry) price per linear ft? (Home Carpentry Home),Assuming a fair amount being done-a couple hundred feet or more, typically around $3-4 LF by a finish carpenter for trim or baseboard installation .

Baseboards Cost-Home and Garden Costs and Prices Paid-CostHelper ,How much baseboards should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. .

board feet in framing a house in General Board,How many board feet would you use in framing the average two story stick-built house, say 2000 square feet? Just looking for a ball park figure. We a .

Lumber List for Average Home-New Construction,Any of you builders carpenters out there. For an average house, say, 1800 ft sq, single story, how many board feet of lumber would you order? Including floors and a porch, roof. I live 3 4 of a mile from a huge lumber mill near the Cal Oregon border. I want to calculate .

How to Calculate Amount of Paint to Paint a Room: 9 Steps,How to Calculate Amount of Paint to Paint a Room. A fresh coat of paint can transform a room, . In our example, the surface area of the doors is 112 square feet. The baseboards, if any, usually will be about 3 inches high (7.6 cm) and will extend around the .

how many meters is this house? WordReference Forums,Here, the number of square feet of usable area in a house is a key piece of information for someone considering the purchase of a house-along with location, age, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Although I was never in a position to consider buying a .

How many feet of baseboard do you need for a 1700 sq foot house-How many feet of baseboard are needed for a 1400 square foot house :: GoFTP Answers,How many feet of baseboard do you need for a 1700 sq foot house? House is 1700 sq feet how many linear feet of baseboards do i need Post to Facebook .

What Is the Average Square Footage of a House? Reference ,The United States Census states that the average square footage of a house is 2,598 square feet. The average house size has increased by more than 1,000 square feet in the last .

What is the purpose of the baseboard and what size would match my home? Asian Lifestyle Design,In Western style homes, baseboards, sometimes called baseboard moldings or skirting, are the strips of molding against the wall where the flooring and wall meet. The main purpose of baseboards is to hide imperfections and gaps that come with building. In .

How much baseboard to buy in linear feet when all I have is the total Sq ft of my house? Yahoo Answers,I know the total sq ft of my house is roughly 1500 sq ft. When baseboard is sold by the linear ft. How do I calculate how many linear feet I need to buy?

How tall should my baseboards be in my new build?,So you might think about the proportions of the baseboards in relation to the other trim in your new house, rather than to the ceiling height. .

Estimating How Much Paint to Buy-dummies,No sweat, just subtract 20 square feet for each door and 15 square feet for each average-sized window in the room. You end up with a number that is close to the actual wall area you have to cover with paint. In general, you can expect 1 gallon of paint to cover .